The Hummer House
21301 Toe Nail Trail
Christoval, TX 76935

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Can we visit the Hummer House without staying in one of the cottages?

Yes!  Our observation room is open  on Saturdays from 9am - 12:00pm beginning the first Saturday in APRIL and ending the last Saturday in JULY.   

Birding Questions
When do the Hummingbirds arrive?

We see our first male hummingbird in mid March each year. Approximately one week later, the female hummingbirds begin arriving.  By the end of March, female hummingbirds begin pulling cotton from our nesting cotton cages and building their nests. Nest building continues until mid July. Typically, by mid September, the hummingbirds have migrated south for the winter.

When is the best time to view birds at the Hummer House?

By mid April, there is a large population of hummingbirds here. We continue to host many hummingbirds through late August or mid-September. The beautiful painted buntings are here from late April through the end of July. We have banded 162 species of birds on the ranch but you will not see every species at any one time of the year.  The observation room is open to the public on Saturdays from 9:00am - 12:00pm each Saturday April - July.

Do you have a large population of painted buntings?

We have a LARGE population of painted buntings!  Painted Buntings begin arriving here in late April, nest and raise their young here and migrate the end of July. We banded 683 Painted Buntings here in the summer of 2015! Over 5000 painted buntings have been banded on the ranch.

Are day visitors given access to your ranch?

Day visitors are limited to the Observation Room and the general area around the Observation Room.

When and where should I put out the nesting cotton?

We see our first male hummingbird in mid March. That is our cue to get the nesting cotton out! Within a week or ten days female hummers are here and are pulling the cotton. We hang the cotton on a tree near the feeders. Each year we observe hummingbirds, blue-gray gnatcatchers, house finch and lesser gold finch using the cotton for nest building. 

Would it be possible for me to attend a bird banding?

There are no bandings scheduled for 2023.

Accommodation Questions
What grocery items are in the cottages?

Milk, orange juice, fresh barnyard eggs, frozen sausage, pastries, butter, coffee, tea, coffee creamer, sugar and sweetener packets...and, sometimes, a sweet treat!


Are your cottages pet friendly?

We do not allow pets. River Oaks Veterinary Clinic is located within five miles of the Hummer House and they board pets for a reasonable fee. The phone number for the Vet Clinic is 325.896.2726.

Is there a grocery store in Christoval?

Christoval does not have a grocery store.  Allsups convenience store is located on Hwy 277 approximately four miles from the Hummer House.  

Are there restaurants in Christoval?

Hidalgo's Mexican Food Restaurant and Cooper's Bar B Q are located on Hwy 277 approximately four miles from the Hummer House.  Concho Coffee House, 1982 Pizza Co and Fat Daddy's Food Truck are located in downtown Christoval.  San Angelo is 20 miles from Christoval and has a wide variety of restaurants.

Are overnight guests allowed access to your ranch?

Cottage guests are given access to the ranch and its' trails including riverfront access. We also provide electric golf carts to our cottage guests.